Australians Returning Home from Hong Kong

Are you an Australian expat living in Hong Kong and considering moving back to Australia? You need to carefully plan your return to ensure that you do not face unexpected tax obligations.

Depending on your individual situation, the move from Hong Kong back to Australia can be complex.

Complexities may arise if you have assets or investments that you accumulated while in Hong Kong.

We have been helping expat clients return to Australia for over 30 years. We can identify the complexities in your personal situation and ensure you understand your tax position before you move back home.

How We Assist Australians Returning Home

Returning to Australia Tax Review

Designed to provide high level summary advice to Australian expats returning home, the aim of the review is to make your return as stress-free as possible and ensure there are no surprises once you’ve made the move.

Strategic Tax Review

If you hold international investments which may include foreign property, foreign currency deposits, listed or unlisted investments and international managed funds, you may require the in-depth tax advice of our Strategic Tax Review.

Avoid unnecessary surprises.

We will help you avoid unforeseen tax bills by carefully planning your return home to Australia from Hong Kong.

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5 Common Tax Issues For Expat Australians Returning Home

To help you consider some of the potential issues you could face, our “5 Common Tax Issues For Expat Australians Returning Home” ebook outlines the five key tax concerns that returning Australian residents have.

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We will help you move back home.

Talk to us about your situation and let us plan your move back home from Hong Kong.

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