Service: Business Tax Review

Our passion is to make business easier abroad to enable you to move ahead with your expansion plans with certainty.

Our Business Tax Review is designed especially for Global Entrepreneurs and Middle Market Private Companies who need specialist tax advice when expanding overseas or setting up a subsidiary.

Tax Issues for Business

A range of international issues can be dealt with under the Business Tax Review.

We can address a number of questions for clients including how the ownership of an overseas company should be structured, how dividends are taxed across borders, how withholding taxes apply, how foreign tax credits can be accessed, how Australia’s Double Tax Agreements apply, how to comply with Australia’s Controlled Foreign Company rules and how cross-border loans need to be managed.

CST’s Business Tax Review is suitable for;

  • Global Entrepreneurs who need advice on structuring an overseas subsidiary or who are moving overseas to expand their business;
  • Global Entrepreneurs moving to Australia who need to understand how Australia’s tax laws will apply to their overseas company structure;
  • Middle Market Australian companies establishing an overseas branch, subsidiary or joint venture;
  • Clients with existing international businesses who need CST to review their structure, advise on compliance, or conduct a risk review.
  • Franchise businesses expanding their brands internationally;

The Business Tax Review provides Australian tax advice only on the structuring of foreign operations.

Expanding to the U.S.A ?

For businesses who are expanding to the United States we can deliver integrated Australia-U.S income tax advice in conjunction with our US office. This is done through our specialist Australia-US Business Tax Review service where your overall objectives are reviewed by both our Australian and US tax advisory teams providing you with integrated cross border advice to enable you to move forward with your US business expansion. Additional fees apply.

Please contact us to discuss your tax advisory needs.