Service: Strategic Tax Review

Our Strategic Tax Review is designed to assist global Australians with significant international investments, for a fixed fee.

The types of situations which suit the Strategic Tax Review include;

  • Overseas based private clients who are planning on returning to Australia after many years aboard who hold significant international investments, which may include foreign real estate investments, foreign currency deposits, listed or unlisted investments and international managed funds;
  • Overseas based clients who are looking to invest into Australian companies or who are looking to make investments in Australian property;
  • Australian based private clients who are intending to move overseas and who have domestic Australian business interests and/or a significant portfolio of investments assets including property, shares and venture capital investments;
  • Private clients who wish to make investments into high tax jurisdictions including the United States, the UK or Europe and who need assistance with advice on international tax double tax agreements;
  • Clients who required tax residency advice on complex family situations;

For business tax advice our Business Tax Review is a more relevant and appropriate service. Please contact us for more details about the Business Tax Review.