Global Families

Families who are globally disperse or who invest internationally require specialist tax advice to ensure that requirements in different jurisdictions are met and tax liabilities appropriately managed.

The tax advice that Global Families require goes beyond annual compliance. Your family needs specific advice on how to structure your assets and a multi-jurisdictional tax plan to ensure your tax position is considered on a global basis.

As a family with members working or living abroad and with assets in a number of countries, you need to ensure:

  • You are tax compliant in each of the countries where you own assets;
  • That your tax affairs are structured in a manner that maximises your wealth;
  • Each family member’s tax affairs are properly managed in the country in which they reside;
  • You closely monitor changes in regulation in countries where you own assets to ensure you are not negatively impacted;
  • Your long-term interests are considered when structuring existing and new investments.

How we can assist

We provide tax advice to global Australian families and develop Australian compliant plans that mitigate risk and optimise investment structures for the benefit of future generations. When providing advice, we consider your financial history, significant financial events that have occurred and your family’s future financial goals. This is why, each family needs specialist, tailored tax advice.

The approach we take in assisting Global Families involves:

  • Identifying your long-term interests to provide you with a strategy that achieves your specific family goals;
  • Understanding your unique mix of assets and cross-border requirements;
  • Undertaking and coordinating your ongoing cross-border tax preparation and ensuring compliance;
  • Preparing bespoke financial reports with insights to assist with your decision making;
  • Referring you to specialists, where necessary, across various disciplines including wealth advisory, estate planning and private banking to ensure that you and your family are well advised;
  • Advising you on regulation changes to ensure you are informed of the impact.

Recommended Package

For our Global Family clients, we recommend our wholistic package.

Designed specifically for families with multiple entities, investment portfolios or assets around the world, our premium tax and accounting package takes care of all your tax needs so you have peace of mind and more time to focus on what you enjoy.

For a simple monthly fee you will receive:

  • Ongoing monitoring and record keeping of payments;
  • Bookkeeping;
  • Periodic performance reports tailored to what you want to know about;
  • Periodic review of your tax structure;
  • Tax compliance obligations met;
  • Quarterly meetings with your dedicated Tax Advisory Team;
  • Tax advice as required.

If you want more information or to speak to one of our International Tax Advisors provide us your details in the form below and we will contact you or call us on +61 2 8920 0077.

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