Global Founders

Global founders who establish or expand their business abroad need to not only consider the tax implications for their business, but also their own personal tax.

Your personal and financial goals need to be considered when structuring your international business to ensure your personal tax impacts are not overlooked in the process of examining your business tax issues.

As a Global Founder with business entities and assets in multiple countries, you need to consider how the structure of your entities and assets impacts your personal tax situation.

There may be complexities associated with your home country and the country in which you hold assets or have a business presence that you may need to be aware of before expanding abroad.

You need to ensure that any new assets and structures are aligned with your personal goals and you, as an individual, are compliant in each of the countries you have a presence in.

How we can assist

We draw on our global network of international offices to obtain specialist advice when managing the tax affairs of our Global Founder clients.

As a Global Founder, we can assist you with:

  • Advice to ensure you understand the implications of expanding your business abroad;
  • Structuring your corporate entities to align with your personal goals;
  • Advising you on and assisting you to create independent structures that ensure your personal wealth is protected and growing;
  • Coordinating tax compliance in each of the countries where you and your business entities have a presence;
  • Exit strategy options that favourably impact your personal situation;
  • Specialist advice when exiting your business.

If you want more information or to speak to one of our International Tax Advisors provide us your details in the form below and we will contact you or call us on +61 2 8920 0077.

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