Australians Moving Abroad

Each year thousands of Australians move abroad to chase their dreams, to gain international experience, to further their careers, their education, their life experiences and generally take advantage of the exciting opportunities in Expatland.

Some Australians spend only a few years abroad while others, for a variety of reasons, settle overseas for a considerable period, having families, becoming senior executives in international corporations, starting businesses and mastering their chosen fields. Indeed, Australia’s adventurous spirit is encapsulated by each and every Australian expat that moves to Expatland.

What we have also noticed, is that the majority of our clients ‘still call Australia home’.

Whether they are moving to the United States, to the UK or into heart of Asia, the majority our clients will eventually come home – bringing back with them their considerable life experience, international perspectives and personal financial wealth.

We understand this journey like no other Australian firm does. We live it.

We understand the challenges and the advisory needs of clients.

It means we provide an integrated approach to their tax, helping in their arrival country while taking care of things back home in Australia.

Do you Require Tax Advice?

We care. CST’s guiding philosophy is to understand and have empathy with our clients while providing specialist tax advice and services. As a specialist firm providing Australian international tax advice we are able to accept clients who wish to proceed with our Initial Tax Review service. Click here.