Employee Share Schemes

For many years we have assisted senior executives of large corporations with their particular tax needs.

Amongst other issues employee shares schemes and bonuses can often become the most valuable component of an executive’s remuneration package. Where executives are assigned to different countries, tax issues can arise where one country asserts taxing rights over remuneration (including share schemes) for work previously carried on in another country.

For this reason it is critical that executives understand the current and future personal tax impact of receiving bonus and employee stock, at a time when they may be moving between countries.

Clients arriving in Australia need to be aware that Australia can levy taxation on employee shares scheme gains even where the gains accrue during a period prior to the person arriving in Australia.

Internationally CST Tax Advisors works with private clients on the optimization of domestic and internationally managed non-cash compensation schemes. We model and compare taxation in multiple jurisdictions to ensure that the triggering of a taxation event with respect to a foreign plan does not result in unintended tax consequences, domestically or abroad.

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