Employee Share Schemes

Executives moving from one country to another need to be aware of the personal tax implications that arise from their employee share schemes.

The taxing rights of employee share schemes become complex when employees are assigned to work in another country.

We assist executives leaving Australia or moving to Australia with employee share schemes to understand their tax obligations and provide advice to avoid negative tax consequences.

How We Assist with Employee Share Schemes

Tax Advice

Whether you are looking to vest your options, want to understand the tax implications of foreign share schemes or are moving abroad, we can assist by providing clarity on your personal tax position. Our team of tax advisors will look at the manner in which your options were allocated and advise on the impact this has to your personal tax position.

Tax Calculations

For those moving abroad or vesting options, we can perform the complex calculations required to understand the tax obligations from your change in circumstance.

Share Scheme Review

We can review and advise on the personal tax implications of employee share scheme offers. The manner in which the shares are allocated, and options structured can have a significant impact on your personal tax position.

Understand the tax implications.

Our team of experienced tax advisors will review your employee share schemes
and provide clarity on the impact to your personal tax position.

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