Family Trusts

Family trusts are an ideal choice for many Australian families with multiple assets.

The Australian taxation of trusts is complex especially in relation to international trusts with Australian resident beneficiaries or settlors.

We provide tax advice to clients, trustees, professional fiduciaries and beneficiaries on the formation, amendment and ongoing management of Australian trusts.

Who We Can Assist With Family Trusts

Australians Departing Australia

For Australians moving overseas we provide tax advice regarding the ongoing tax obligations of your trust in Australia. We regularly work with our offices in the USA, UK and Singapore for clients who are moving to these regions to provide tax advice on how the tax laws of those countries will affect your Australian family trust.

Australians Returning to Australia

We assist Australians returning home with international trusts to comply with disclosure obligations in relation to assets held in foreign trusts. We often find, some trusts may need to be restructured to ensure negative tax consequences do not arise in Australia.

Global Australian Families

Australian families with Australian trusts need specialist international tax advice when family members decide to move abroad to study or work. We provide these families with international tax advice that minimises their risks and secures their wealth.

“My wife and I have been clients of CST Tax Advisors since 2010.

We have come to rely on their detailed but personable approach and
knowledgeable advice regarding issues affecting
our personal and business affairs.”

Keiran Horth, Director, Propex Derivatives

Need assistance with your family trust?

Our team of experienced tax advisors will ensure you are aware of the tax obligations
for your family trust and provide strategies to minimise your tax risks.

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