Living in Australia with Assets Abroad

Australian residents with assets overseas need to ensure that they are compliant in both the country in which they hold the asset and Australia.

Income earned from overseas assets is taxed in Australia and often taxed by the source country, meaning there are additional complexities involved when it comes to preparing your tax return.

Our International Tax Advisors will assist you with tax advice to ensure your risks are minimised and wealth preserved. Our experienced Chartered Accounting team will prepare your ongoing tax and compliance obligations taking your international assets into account.

How We Can Assist Australians With Assets Abroad

Strategic Tax Review

If you hold international investments which may include foreign property, foreign currency deposits, listed or unlisted investments and international managed funds, you require the in-depth tax advice of our Strategic Tax Review.

Personal Tax Returns

We specialise in preparing tax returns for those living in Australia with assets abroad. We can assist you in lodging your personal tax return ensuring your international assets are appropriately declared.

Ensure your tax affairs are in order

Our experienced international tax advisors will provide the necessary tax advice and guidance to ensure your tax affairs are effectively managed taking into account your international assets.

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